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British Heavy Horse Driving Trials Club

  Events staged by the BHHDTC

Our events take place throughout the UK between the months of April and October. Please see the 'Dates for your diary' page of this Web site for the latest dates and venues. All events consist at least one of the following activities, many include several activities as well as other attractions that help make BHHDTC events a fun day out for the whole family!

Heavy Horse harnessed to buggy
Pair of Shire Horses pulling a Royal Parks cart

The British Heavy Horse Driving Trials Club Display Team appears at a variety of events each year. The ever popular Contemporary Heavy Horse Musical Drive is a regular feature together with a variety of competitive elements. The World Cup competition with 2 obstacles and up to 10 pairs of cones driven against the clock is a thrilling spectacle with these magnificent horses.

World Cup Competition

Two obstacles and up to 10 pairs of cones driven as one against the clock makes for an exciting competition testing speed and accuracy whilst giving the drivers plenty to think about in learning the course.

Cross Country Driving Marathon

A drive through the countryside by a single or pair of horses and FEI cart along a marked course normally 7 to 12 km in a set time.


A test of accuracy and speed where the driver can use his/her judgement and skill to drive through set points in the fastest possible time.


A set of prescribed manoeuvres in an arena to test the accuracy and control of the driver.


A test of accuracy and speed requiring the driver to follow a set course through pairs of cones without knocking off balls placed on the top of each cone.

Special tests
For example;   -   Manoeuvring a length of timber around an obstacle course.
  -   Driving a delivery style vehicle through different types of obstacle.
Quick changes involving a timed hitching out of one pair and hitching
in of a second pair of horses after a timed lap.
Ridden events

To test the rider’s skill and the horse’s obedience in carrying out tasks in unusual settings.

In addition to these events which take place in the UK, the club also participates in the International Fish Run between Boulogne and Paris, and hosts the International Beer Run in the New Forest.

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